Serenity Capital

There is always a risk of significant loss of funds. Always ape/degen cautiously and responsibly.
Serenity Capital is a trail-blazing dynamic algorithmic Stablecoin protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that offers exposure to ETH via its peg token $SERENE which is pegged 1:1 to the value of ETH via seigniorage. Additionally the $PBL token offers a part of the protocol's growth during expansion phases.
You can trade our tokens on Vertek Exchange as well as create liquidity and stake
You can earn $Vertek tokens by providing SERENE-ETH or PBL-ETH liquidity and staking it on their website!
You can also earn $PBL tokens by staking your liquidity on our website!
We encourage you to come hang out in discord and ask any questions you might have before investing.
No information provided herein is financial advice. Use due diligence to become an informed investor by researching and fully understanding the risks and responsibilities associated with participating, including your risk tolerance and capacity.
During the past year we have seen many projects come and go, more rugs than I can count, and teams disappearing into the sunset. During this time Serenity Capital has been around, growing, learning and doing its best by investors to offer a safe, accountable environment within DeFi.
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