FTM & ETH Network. AVAX Launch 8/12/22
In order to give access to as many investors across DeFi as possible Serenity Capital is a multi-chain protocol. The total supply of 10,000 PBL is not changing with the protocol going multichain, reward contracts in every network we expand to are filled from that same total supply. No additional $PBL beyond 10,000 will ever be minted.
Investors can stake their PBL-ETH LP or SRN-wETH LP in any of our networks of operation to earn PBL rewards. PBL can also be staked on the Jar in any network to earn SERENE rewards when above 1.01 TWAP.
SRN and PBL token can be bridged from one network to another using multichain to arbitrage price between networks, access different APR opportunities or stake in their favorite network as decired.

AVAX Launch

  • Pre-sale starting on 8/12/22 at 7pm EST and will be active for 72hrs. 50 Serene are being supplied for presale at a price of 1 Serene = 1 wETH
    • wETH on AVAX will be needed to participate on presale. 1wETH for 1 Serene
    • 75% of Funds from Presale will be used to provide initial liquidity on TraderJoe
    • 25% of funds will be used for marketing & strategic investments
  • Beaches (Farms) will go live immediately after the pre-sale ends (8/15/22 at 7pm EST) and will allow investors to stake their TraderJoe liquidity and earn PBL rewards
  • Jar will open at the same time as the farms
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