NFT Collection

Serenity X's are a collection of 500 unique NFTs on the ETH network, they are now mintable at The goal of Serenity X’s is to create reliable cash flow for our community. Revenue from the NFT collection will go towards purchasing BTC miners, effectively creating the Serenity BTC Farm, which will be one of primary income streams for our community.
Unique artwork and rarity attributes will be released after collection is sold out

NFT Sales Breakdown

  • 43% of Profits will go towards Serenity BTC Farm
  • 43% of profits will go to operational costs
  • 14% of profits will go to our artist, Elregor

Serenity BTC farm

NFT holders will start receiving BTC rewards airdropped to them for perpetuity 6 months after the collection mints out. While the minting is on-going and during those initial 6 months after minting out most BTC rewards will be compounded into more BTC miners, effectively growing the size of the Serenity BTC Farm. The precise distribution of BTC rewards will be as follows:

Phase 1 (from now until 6 months after minting out)

  • 60% to purchasing more BTC miners
  • 30% to Serenity Community Fund
  • 10% Further project development

Phase 2 (starts 6 months after minting is done)

  • 50% NFT holders
  • 25% Serenity Community Fund
  • 25% Further project developmentL
During the first week of minting we purchased our first Antminer S19j PRO effectively inaugurating the Serenity BTC farm
For more information visit our detailed NFT Page