Team Members

Madrid is the lead for Serenity, he has been running his own business for over a decade and is bringing all his expertise into the DeFi world. A well known community member across DeFi, he's always available and willing to help projects reach their highest potential.
Patuin has a background in applied mathematics and has been involved in crypto since 2016. Having seen the rise and fall of many projects, he is contributing as tokenomics advisor with the intention of adjusting the model to achieve economic sustainability and synergistic relationships across the network.
Ergonap brings his experience managing private VC funds, small business capital accounts, protocol treasuries, and Risk Management to the table here at Serenity Capital.
Elregor is best known for his art and UX with our partner project Rarer Finance. With Serenity he is expressing his skills through our upcoming Serenity X NFT collection
Hekman is a long-time tech enthusiast. His first computer was an IBM PCjr back in the Stone Ages. He's been programming since he was 8 years old and has paired his expertise with his growing passion for DeFi. He's been working in the tech industry for over 20 years; many of them in management, so he knows how to herd cats.