The Jar (Boardroom)

Essential Details

Epoch length
2 hours
PBL lockup
48 hours (24 epochs)
SERENE lockup
2 hours (1 epoch)
Taking the following actions will reset both lockup timers:
  • Depositing or withdrawing PBL to/from the Jar
  • Claiming SERENE rewards

Epoch expansion

New SERENE will be minted at the start of each epoch when the TWAP of SERENE is above 1.01 $wETH.
The amount minted will be based on the current circulating supply of SERENE. When under peg (TWAP < 1.01), no SERENE will be minted.

Emission Schedule

We have developed an unique inverse emissions curve that will counteract the traditional inflationary behavior while giving additional value to long-term holders. In this way, we will create a ramp-up in emissions from launch as opposed to the classic decreasing emissions over time.
SERENE emissions will increase over time together with the strength of our deflationary mechanisms.
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Essential Details
Emission Schedule