SERENE is the peg token of Serenity Capital and vital to the ecosystem
Expansion Phase: SERENE will be minted as long as 1 SERENE > 1 wETH (TWAP > 1.01)
Contraction Phase: Minting of SERENE temporarily stops when 1 SERENE < wETH (TWAP < 1.01)


PBL is one of the ways to measure the value of the Serenity Capital protocol.
During expansion phases, SERENE will be minted and distributed proportionally amongst the stakeholders who deposited their PBL in The Jar
PBL has a maximum total supply of 10,000 tokens

Allocations distributed linearly over 12 months

  • 7500 to the beaches
  • 1100 to the treasury
  • 1100 to the team fund
  • 300 to the dev fund


xSERENE is an illiquid asset that will provide new utility to the SERENE token. xSERENE will launch at a 1:1 mint rate(1 SERENE will mint 1 xSERENE) and will logarithmically go up in index(exchange rate for SERENE/XSERENE) based on total supply of xSERENE.
For example minting 1 xSERENE will cost 1 SERENE today but in 1 month it could cost 1.2 SERENE for each xSERENE to be minted. This paired with the burn feature should cause price appreciation to SERENE over time.
This means early adopters will be able to get a better exchange rate for the new token. Minting xSERENE will be available through a DAPP located on our main webpage.
Allocations for each SERENE minted into xSERENE can be found below:
  • 25% of SERENE is burned
  • 75% is sent to a reward contract
As an xSERENE holder you will now be able to enter the xSERENE farm via Serenity Capital Farms for PBL. This will be the HEAVIEST allocated farm for the foreseeable future. Now that we have a new heavily allocated farm we need to address the 75% of SERENE now in a reward contract.
Starting at the launch of xSERENE will now heavily reduce allocations to the PBL/WETH pool giving it minimal allocations to offer a new reward pool for PBL/WETH holders to gain from the new xSERENE minters via the SERENE in the reward contract. This will be a permanent pool.
This now means PBL holders will always have a way to earn SERENE no matter market conditions despite the twap